Why Online Business is a Trending Business?


Online or Internet business is one of the millenneal opportunites for us.  It comes with different forms depending on your skills and interests.    Here are some of them:



  • Selling physical products online

  • Monetizing a blog

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Selling digital goods (ebooks, online courses, music, graphics, themes, applications, and more)

  • Dropshipping

  • Becoming a freelancer to clients either individual or business client depending on your knowledge and interests and a lot more…

Let us take a look at traditional businesses and later we will see how it differs from online business?



Traditional Business Scenario

  • Start-up  capital is more costly

  • Needs a workplace either owned or rent a space

  • Needs inventory system and security

  • For some business, it requires a large space to accommodate inventory stocks

  • Manpower cost

  • Managing people can sometimes can cause too much headache (true or not?)

  • You need to physically in your office or working space to run the business

  • Sleepless nights while you overthink about the problems of your business

Benefits of Online Business

  • Work anywhere, it means as long as you have your laptop and Internet connection you can bring your business with you. Run your online business while in a coffee shop or anywhere you want.  

  • Work anytime, it means you do not need to struggle waking up early or struggle with traffic.  Work while on vacation or work within the hours you choose.  

  • Work in any working condition.  You can work while wearing in a pajama or work the way you want it.  Remember, you are the boss!

  • Minimal  cost.  No manpower cost except yourself or if you want to leverage yourself, only outsource few people to help you manage your business. 

  • You typically earn while you sleep, others call it “passive income”.  Once you are already build your online business, you can see earnings coming in since it is a 24/7 business. Why? because you have the global market with you.  If you are in a corporate job, you are paid only if you are in attendance unless it is being filed as a paid leave. 

  • If you are running a traditional business you still need to do management tasks, sign checks, documents, conduct meetings, and monitor employees in the office.

Because of the tremendous benefits of online business, more digital start-up companies are there in the global marketplace.  If you are interested, then it is not too late to start your own.  
“There can be many ideas but the  person who acts wins!”